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3D LEGO Chalk Drawing

Posted by Celby Richoux on November 17, 2011

We're always on the lookout for standout examples of art and design, so when we saw this amazing life-sized LEGO army, we couldn't help but share.

How much cooler can a drawing get? Not much!

The masters at Planet Streetpainting are responsible for this incredible streetdrawing for the Sarasota Chalk Festival in Florida as part of Pavement Art Through the Ages.

Click here to see the step by step process of their creation.

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Tech Tuesday: hellofax

Posted by BFG Communications on November 17, 2011

Today on WSAV Tech Tuesday, BFG's Hal Thomas talks about hellofax, a web-based service that aims to eliminate the need for fax machines by making sending and receiving faxes as easy as sending and receiving email attachments.

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