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Salute The Pizza Gods With Your iPad Skills

Posted by Celby Richoux on November 23, 2011

Domino's is on a roll with their customers. First, the rebrand of the entire company, next the spoofs and jabs at their failures from the past, then a humorous take on their new Artisan pizzas, and now: Pizza Hero.

There's a certain level of respect you have to have for a company that understands their consumer's desire to "play." Their microsite Pizza Tracker was a huge success, letting users reskin their page with themed announcements as their pizza went through the delivery process. By adding a gaming component to their arsenal, they're beginning to come full circle with their proclamation: "Oh yes we did."

Fun is an aspect of food service that is often overlooked. Quality should obviously come first, followed closely by service, but the differentiating factor in all restaurants is atmosphere and/or fun. Since Domino's relies (for the most part) on delivery, taking the fun into their customer's homes (TV) and their hands (iPad) is one of the smartest moves we've seen yet.

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Get Ready For Pay A Blogger Day

Posted by Sloane Kelley on November 23, 2011

With no shortage of content type folks around here, conversations inevitably lead back to one hot topic: paid vs free content. From big name pushes by the likes of the New York Times to niche publishers, content creators have been standing up and saying, "No more free rides."

Enter Flattr, a European start-up that took part in the recent Geekend conference in Savannah. Their approach is to get content creators using Flattr buttons on their content, which people can check (similar to a Facebook "like") and ultimately show support with micropayments. Over time with enough Flattrs, a blogger could make a little bank.

The folks at Flattr are upping the game and trying to raise more awareness for this cause. They've created a new holiday: Pay A Blogger Day. If you're interested in taking part and showing your favorite content person some love, November 29th is the official day it all happens (of course you can always support any other day of the year too). So get ready to Flattr on the 29th, buy some merch or support in any way you can. After all, it is the holiday season.

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