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The Post Consumer Era

Posted by Hal Thomas on December 28, 2010


Here's a great infographic that shows how purchase influences have evolved over time. The infographic accompanies an insightful post David Armano wrote last year on marketing in the post consumer era. The post is every bit as relevant today as it was then and is totally worth your time to read. Or you can be lazy and just watch the video below, which covers similar ground.

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Twitter Account Strikes A Chord

Posted by Sloane Kelley on December 28, 2010

How do I love thee, Twitter? Let me count the ways...

People are always asking me why I love Twitter, why it's my favorite social network. It's simple. Twitter is a platform open to all kinds of creativity. Just consider some of my favorites of 2010, which happen to center around drawing attention to current events: @TSAGov and @BPGlobalPR. Or even consider something less newsy, my own labor of love @JamesBondTheDog.

What do these Twitter accounts have in common? Creative content.

Now add music criticism to that list of Twitter creativity and give credit to the Village Voice for recognizing this type of writing. They've named a Twitter account, @Discographies, Music Critic of the Year.

While the writer of @Discographies wishes to remain anonymous, the Village Voice is running an interview with him/her, which points out the possibilities of Twitter and its 140 characters.

Skeptics might think that the brevity of 140 characters would foster a kind of surface-y and impersonal interaction, but I think it does exactly the opposite: it forces you to communicate in a way that's more signal than noise. Those are two really powerful functions--spreading ideas and connecting people--embedded in one convenient place. And I think we're just beginning to discover what the combination of those things might yield.

Well said.

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