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Education Technology and Innovation

Posted by Alex Trevisan on February 24, 2011

As tech enthusiasts, we often tend to overlook a category that is pursuing innovation and pushing the limits just as much as anyone: education technology.

We don't usually associate education with being a leader in digital. Ed tech trends don't always get picked up on Mashable and are not trending topics on Twitter. Ed tech is, however, picking up steam and will be making a big impact over the next several years.

I started reading up on ed tech when BFG began working with our client, SAT Remix. This client developed an SAT prep system utilizing text messages which include SAT vocab words recorded to custom soundtracks to help increase retention. From working with SAT Remix and diving into the world of education, I have found some interesting uses of technology across platforms, which deserve to be shared.

Tech-savvy teachers are so in right now, including these two history teachers that make YouTube videos to popular songs that illustrate a specific history lesson.

I wish these were around when I was in school (not that it was that long ago, but still). It is well documented that music increases retention. I couldn't tell you much that I learned in history class but I can recite the entire "Social Studies Rap" from 1st grade. Not only do these videos provide catchy and valuable tunes, but they are put together very well. Not too shabby.

Switching gears, Google recently unveiled their  

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Why buy one when 20 is so much more fun.

Posted by Bill Green on February 24, 2011


There’s an article out that looks at the real reasons people like to buy in bulk, rather, why they *need* to buy in bulk. It’s not that they can’t help it, it’s just that they’re up against things they may not be aware of. This will be welcome news for anyone who feels guilty about buying that 20-pack of Doritos. The psychology behind it is complex as a price club will use

Predictive analytics to determine which items would be attractive specifically to you, and then offers you discounts on those items. This includes items you’ve never tried before but the computer figures you’ll probably get in the habit of buying. [...] Sam’s Club is creating what consumer psychologists call the ‘endowment effect’ by encouraging shoppers to buy more because they’ve paid for the ability to get rewards and are motivated to use the privileges.”

See? Not your fault!


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Popchips to ‘hire’ VP of Pop Culture

Posted by Sara Swiatlowski on February 23, 2011

Popchips is currently running a campaign to serve under Ashton Kutcher as their VP of Pop Culture. To enter you'll need to submit a 90 second video that shows why you make the best candidate. All applications are featured on their Facebook Page where people can vote for their favorite. Videos are then narrowed down to the top 3 based on these votes. The finalist is chosen by Kutcher. The winner will get $50,000 and the opportunity to cover events for the company with Kutcher for a year.

I think it is a cute promotion and will certainly generate some buzz for Popchips. It is a good use of a notable celebrity endorsement and a fun way to engage with their consumers. As the, self appointed, Minster of Pop Culture on the BFG Content Team I'm still not sure what makes Ashton Kutcher the 'King' of Twitter but that's another story.

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The Hectic Schedule of a Social Media Manager

Posted by Hal Thomas on February 23, 2011

When people ask me what I do for a living, I usually respond by saying I get paid to play on the Internet for much of the day. I defaulted to that explanation in response to the blank stares and confused nods I usually got when I told people I'm a Content Manager. At least now people ask, "So exactly how does that work?"

The truth is, although being a Content Manager is quite possibly one of the best jobs on the planet, it's actually a lot of hard work. You don't have the luxury of nights and weekends off. Essentially, you're always on call since social media never sleeps. That's why I got a kick out of this infographic from the Socialcast Blog. And while no day is ever really the same for a Content Manager, it does give you a window to our world.

social media manager infographic

For another glimpse into what it means to be a Content Manager, check out my previous post Inside the Mind of a Community Manager.

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Check it out…

Posted by Bill Green on February 19, 2011

10 things you might dig...

1. Forget beds and cars, why not celebrate President’s Day with a good burger sale.
2. Who doesn’t want to be hugged on Facebook.
3. NoteSlate, aka, little by little, paper dies a sexy death.
4. More screens is more better as Dextr takes over your walls.
5. Yes, science can haz visualizations too.
6. Can’t make SXSW? No problem. Download all 4.49GB worth of its free music.
7. The digital becomes analog as Tetris gamifies itself in the real world.
8. What’s it like to play a machine?
9. Be the next President of Pop Culture. Yes, they have one.
10. More digital > analog with Mario Kart.

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