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Home Sweet Home

Posted by Sloane Kelley on May 28, 2008

These days, more and more people seem to be into turning trash into treasure, whether it's art, clothing, furniture, etc. This week, the WebUrbanist takes a look at the trend of recycling used shipping containers into live and work space.

Used shipping containers often pile up due to the expense of returning the empty containers to their home country. It can be cheaper for a company to simply buy a new one instead of having the old one returned for re-use. Now, architects and designers are beginning to find other uses for these materials. Aside from some of the cool housing examples depicted by WebUrbanist, they also cite a London hotel made from stacked shipping containers.

The company, called Travelodge, says that constructing a hotel this way is 25% faster and 10% cheaper than the more traditional construction methods. Also, construction is much quicker, because all that has to be done is to fit each container together like it was a giant Lego set.

In addition to speed and cost, hotel guests may get an added benefit from the steel containers: the inability to hear everything going on in the room next door.

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