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It’s Shark Week! Grab Your iPad

Posted by Sloane Kelley on August 01, 2011

Shark Week is back! And this time around that's much to the delight of not just animal lovers but also tech and social media geeks.

Recognizing the behavior of people watching TV with mobile device in hand, Discovery Channel has taken a co-viewing approach to Shark Week. Download the Discovery Channel app for a special Shark Week interface that shows the brand's social media posts, buzz on Twitter, as well as a mix of sidebar quizzes, fan-created photos and factoids galore.

All in all, it's everything to keep a shark fan busy. It's this type of approach that actually holds this viewer's attention during commercial breaks, even preventing a channel change. That's good news for the advertisers out there, especially the ones like Foster's and Gillette who have shark themed ads for the occasion.

Discovery Channel has also recognized the power of the community, prompting them to create shark-themed photos and videos that air during commercial breaks. Kudos to the network for involving and elevating fans.

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