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Dove’s ‘Real Women Sketches’ Video Focuses on Ideas, Not Products

Posted by Kristina DeVega on April 25, 2013

"Imagine a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety." 

In Dove's latest campaign, women describe themselves to an artist, who then proceeds to sketch them. The artist then listens to strangers describe the same women and sketches their drawings. The end result is two sketches that speak volumes about self-criticism and how women see themselves. It's a simple project stripped from the bells and whistles and sends a clear message that hits the core of Dove's mission statement.

Dove does a wonderful job at championing a bigger idea rather than the simple ask for purchasing products. From its commercials to its website, the brand places emphasis on celebrating female empowerment and finding self-confidence.

The "Dove Real Women Sketches" video was uploaded in mid-April and, as of today, has reached more than 25 million views. The video's message resonates to a larger audience because it focuses on bigger ideas, which makes it instantly shareable. It even sparked a humorous male-centric parody.

In the case of Dove's latest YouTube sensation, selling products was secondary to its overall goal to inspire women. Sometimes the loudest brand messaging is not when the brand is talking about its products but about its beliefs. 

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‘I Found an Internet Pot of Gold’ or ‘Finally, a YouTube Video with Real ROI’

Posted by Hal Thomas on November 13, 2012

One day I'll be able to tell my televison set that I want a pair of sunglasses like the ones Anthony Bourdain is wearing in the episode I'm currently watching and — POOF! — just like that Amazon will deliver them to my front door.

While we may not be there quite yet, we can read the signs from where we stand right now. Brands like Juicy Couture and ASOS are now creating YouTube content that contains direct links to the products featured in the videos. One simple click pauses the video and opens a new browser window featuring related product information and available options. Add items to your shopping cart, check out, and you're done.

How's that for calculating the ROI of your YouTube video?

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Jell-O Pudding Prix: Facebook Eating Contest

Posted by Brian Brunskill on October 12, 2012


There are many popular eating competitions out there in this wacky world. Two top-of-mind examples are the nearly impossible "six saltines in under a minute" and Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. But have you ever seen an eating competition hosted by a brand on Facebook? Well, Jell-O went there. The Pudding Prix, which concludes today, challenged five Major League Eaters to submit their pudding scarf-down videos to live on the application.

This contest, though not the most appetizing, does have a funny vibe about it. The competitor's names are also humorous, "Deep-Fried Diva" being my personal favorite. Fans are allowed to watch the videos and root for their favorite competitive eater on the application. If one believes they can "out-pudding the pros," they may upload their own video to YouTube and share it on Jell-O's wall.

Risky campaigns allow me to look at a well-known brand differently and can even gain my respect. Honestly, I would have never visited or become a fan of Jell-O's Facebook page otherwise. Do you have what it takes to enter the "high-speed world of pudding"?

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Taco Bell Helps Bethel, Alaska Live Más

Posted by Celby Richoux on July 10, 2012

We're taught early in life that it's not nice to play tricks on people, but what about when that trick turns into something great? When some nefarious pranksters duped the small town of Bethel, AK into thinking that a Taco Bell was opening for the 6,500 residents, the actual company saw a brilliant opportunity. Executives caught wind of the excitement, and later dismay, of the faux announcement and organized an effort dubbed "Operation Alaska" to airlift 10,000 of their (now famous) Doritos Locos Tacos to the hungry denizens of Bethel. The event was a major success, and proved to be a great way to build brand advocates in a town where their crunchy tacos aren't available for over 350 miles.



Taco Bell is making 2012 their year with a revamped Twitter campaign, real-time listening and action (they started selling Doritos Locos at a store from a customer's tweeted request), and a new image based around their slogan "Live Más." If things keep up with the buzz they've garnered from their partnership with Doritos, only good things are ahead for the nation's favorite taco haven.

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Make It With a Fireman - Yes Please

Posted by Celby Richoux on April 30, 2012

When it comes to margaritas, I'm pretty picky. As in, don't-come-near-me-with-your-recipe picky. But, after viewing this video from Euro RSCG Chicago for Sauza Tequila, I might be willing to let go of the reigns for one hot (and I do mean hot) second.

Helllooooo, Mr. Fireman.

Alright, back to business. When it comes to tequila-loving women around the world, a few things can be assumed:

1. A love of hot men in uniform.

2. Kittens. Kittens make everything better.

3. A reason to party.

And what better reason than this highly shareable video enticing girls to get together and try the recipe.

While Club Content has been climbing through people's windows and snatching any and all emails containing the word "viral" up, it's obvious this video tutorial was meant to be... shared. You thought I was going to say viral, didn't you? We strive to communicate to our clients that content isn't created to be viral; it is created to be shared. And what gets shared? Great, not good, great content. There's a very easy way to determine what separates good from great content, and that way is through the kind of response generated. Does it excite you? Does it serve you any function? What would you gain from sharing it with friends? In this diagram from David Carr, you can easily see what path your content needs to follow to create the impression and response desired.

Spreadable ideas 

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