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Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings and SCVNGR get the home court advantage.

Buffalo Wild Wings was already immensely popular among sports fans as a place to watch the game, but they wanted to drive even more traffic and buzz leading up to and during March Madness.

BFGi’s plan was to utilize location-based game SCVNGR to get consumers engaged while in the restaurants, creating and sharing content, and earning points and rewards. The process was simple — check in at a BWW location and complete a challenge: pose for a pic with someone rooting for the opposing team, snap a photo of the sauciest wing in the bucket, capture the crowd going wild and more. The grand prize? Hanging out with Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen.

The campaign was an unprecedented success. 33,000 players checked in during the first two weeks, and there were more than 63,000 total players in the first month alone, completing over 334,000 challenges. Additionally, there was enthusiastic and ongoing press coverage. Not only was BWW one of the first brands to utilize SCVNGR to its full potential, but BFG became the first agency to be an official partner of SCVNGR due to the success of this campaign.


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