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illy issimo

illy issimo

illy issimo takes on responsive web design with its new redesign.

BFG is always on the lookout for the next big trends in web design. When the opportunity to redesign illy issimo’s U.S. website arose, we jumped at the chance to take on responsive web design, which was just starting to blow up at the time.

Responsive web design — or, more technically, media queries — means using a series of grids, flexible images and adaptive layouts to ensure that a website is optimized for every device’s resolution. With more and more people accessing the web via smartphones and tablets rather than desktops, designing with multiple formats in mind is becoming increasingly necessary.

This illy issimo redesign was, from its conception, designed this way. From the smallest smartphone resolution to the standard desktop layout, the site can detect what size device the viewer is using and it adapts to those constrains without fail to reveal a complete, stand-alone layout for every size device with no cut-off images, no itty-bitty unreadable text and no zooming necessary. And, of course, all of this was accomplished while still maintaining illy issimo’s classic, premium look.


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