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Mello Yello

Mello Yello

A forgotten brand shows the soda world it’s still retro smooth.

After years of silence, the Coca-Cola Company has revived Mello Yello and they asked BFGi for help taking the citrus soda out of the Stone Age and into the digital one. In order to reach trendsetting teens, we wanted to introduce the brand’s identity as the smooth, cool kid on the block.

After noticing a fan-created Facebook fan page for the Mello Yello brand, we decided that was a good place to start. We worked with the page’s creator to get the page and its 5,000 fans at the time up to speed with the latest and greatest information from the brand. Through regular BFG-developed content updates and responsiveness (all in the fun, laid-back Mello Yello tone), the page quickly grew to well over 30,000 fans in the course of a few months. We then added some tools where fans turn a photo into something retro smooth by adding ‘70s-inspired hairstyles and accessories and ultimately sport a new Facebook profile pic.

The page continues to grow at an exponential rate. The photo application and the “How Smooth Are You” interactive quiz have helped fuel interest.


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