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Penfolds (RED)

Penfolds (RED)

(RED) wine makes an impact on AIDS in Africa.

Penfolds wine was preparing to debut its partnership with Project RED at the Palm Springs International Film Festival in early 2011. Penfolds was the first and only wine brand among brands like Nike and Gap to join Project RED in combating HIV/AIDS in Africa, and they needed a website to announce and provide information on the partnership.

By committing to donate the proceeds from some of their products through RED, the Global Fund is able to use funds from participating brands to provide medication and promote awareness and education of the disease to the at-risk African population. Proceeds from Penfolds’ two popular wine ranges, Thomas Hyland and Koonunga Hill, were donated to the Global Fund.

In addition to joining RED’s cause, Penfolds sponsored a screening of “The Lazarus Effect,” a film about HIV/AIDS in Africa, at the Palm Springs Film Festival. They wanted to get the word out about not only their participation in Project RED, but also the film festival and future events.